19 July 2012

You're Missing Out

Just a reminder that if you haven't checked out my NEW SPACE now is the time!

You are missing out on some great content including a post on Manifestations, How to not let the Bad Decision Avalanche Effect hypnotize you, and my latest "Can I Call Myself a Yogi if I Don't Do Yoga"?

Love and light to you all!

24 June 2012


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Thanks for understanding and I will catch you on the flip side =)

30 May 2012

Krishna Das at Yogaville

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For the second year in a row I was graced with the opportunity to attend Krishna Das' Memorial Day weekend retreat at Yogaville. And for the second year in a row, my heart was completely blown open. Realizations and waves of happiness washed over me again and again. Certain topics kept coming up and I'd like to share a few with them with you in the next few posts. But first a few announcements -
  • I am now a contributing writer to Intent blog. Intent and Intent blog is a brain child of Deepak Chopra's daughter Mallika. Go check out the site, there's some awesome writers and articles on there for your viewing pleasure. I am excited to join their team and to start spreading my writing wings beyond the scope of my own blog!
  • Continuing that trend, I wrote a post for MindBodyGreen on how to start a yoga service.  If you feel that you may want to start a yoga mission, I highly recommend you go read.
  • During my stay at Yogaville I was able to snag the handsome Arjun, Krishna Das' tabla player and right hand man, for an interview. Go read it here!
So during the four day retreat, Krishna Das offered a lot of helpful words and one theme that kept arising was on service. I know shocker right. After writing post after post on yoga service this past week, of course that would be a huge topic of conversation.
KD's view on service was pretty simple "you must help yourself before you help others". He said this in a variety of different ways -
  • don't do your practice for your own sake. Serve by treating others the way you want to be treated.
  • you can't make anybody happy if you can't even make yourself happy
  • don't worry about the world, you can't do anything about it. Just do the best you can
  • if there are Buddha's and Christ's in this world and the world is still as it is, what do we do? We start where we are. We take care of our suffering.
We see the world around us and we think how bad things are. The wars, the pollution of the planet, the government, etc. We place blame on the institutions around us. But think about it, if we loved ourselves and believed we were worthy of love, do you think this planet would be in the shape it's in? I don't think so. I think we live in an fearful world because we have closed ourselves from our own love. Long ago we rejected our perfection so we seek it elsewhere; by perfecting the world maybe. If each of us were to bring all that effort we put on fixing the world inward, the outer world would have no choice but to reflect our inner peace. Our external circumstance is a clear reflection of our internal dialogue. If we loved ourselves truly, that love would have no choice but to radiate from every cell of our being.
I know going inside doesn't sound as rewarding as trying to fix others. It's more gratifying to see someone else's life all better and mended than to go into the darkness of our emotions and handle the baggage our mind has created. We even have a word for it - selfish. It's selfish to put our health as a priority. However, if you do not put yourself first, no one else will. If we do not work on ourselves, our service to others leads to codependency and exhaustion because it's coming from a place of ego rather than a place of love. Jesus and Buddha were able to give all they had because they were so consumed with love they lost the Self. That can only happen when we create a life based on loving, not on fixing.
Loving yourself is the best way to help the world. There is no doubt about that. Remove the barriers around your heart and you will see life flourish around you. Seek to love yourself and your service will truly change the world.

21 May 2012

Miracles by Serving

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This post has taken a few weeks to write. Words have been percolating in my mind but nothing came to fruition until a few nights ago when everything clicked and I knew how I wanted to share this part of my life with you.

For the past month, the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson has become my Bible. I carry it around everywhere, quote it to random strangers (true story) and find myself referencing it during times of need. I know I will write many consequent posts regarding this book's impact on my heart but something in particular needs to be articulated today.

The  main message I received from the book is that we have one mission in life and that is to be a servant of Love. We are here to carry the work of our hearts. To spread the light. To surrender our notions of self and channel the energies of the Universe into giving.

On a superficial level, all this made sense. I can mentally understand that we ought to give back to the community. But between you and me, I have never been too much of a "volunteer". I mean I dabbled here and there, did a few Habitat for Humanities projects, but nothing too serious. I really just volunteered to add to my resume. It never truly felt authentic or from a place of love.

If you have seen my tweets, or follow Sprout Yoga (if you don't then you definitely should) you will know that I spent all of last week at Omega Institute in upstate New York for the Yoga Service Council conference. YSC is an organization that seeks to spread the message of yoga service to the world. The conference was a huge deal, largely in part because it was their first one and will pretty much set the tone for the rest of the year. I will write more about THAT later as well.

Surrounding myself with yogis and yoginis who dedicate their lives to service is beyond inspiring. Many of these individuals gave up the comfort of regular paying jobs to create nonprofit organizations because they have experienced the healing powers of yoga. They seek to bring yoga to homeless shelters, schools, prisons, impoverished nations, etc. Halfway through my seven day stay at Omega, there came a revelation (angels singing, heaven's opening, you name it) and I understood what Marianne Williamson is trying to tell us in her book beyond mental comprehension to something deep within the heart. I understood why A Course in Miracles came to me at this particular time. I saw the connection between all these events occurring in my life, from not getting the job I wanted, to going to YSC, to reading these books. All of these events are preparing me to Serve. That may not seem like a big deal but this slight shift from All About Me to Serving Others is radical. I finally understand my dharma, the reason for my existence...
Fixing, serving, or helping. Make a distinction. You want to be a SERVANT. You cannot fix others, it is not your job. Helping implies you are better. Serve. Offer. Heal yourself and give.
I am not sure what capacity Serving means for me at this moment. It may mean teaching a community class. It may mean working at a nonprofit. It most likely will mean helping other nonprofits grow in whichever way I can. What I DO know is that it's not going to be an easy road and I definitely know it's not glamorous work. But it feels right to me. Serving the community with the power of yoga is a gift I know I can do. Yoga has saved me and I know it can save others too. And the best part of YSC is that I now have the connections I need to begin the journey.
Exciting things are happening friends! Now about that New York City job...


17 May 2012

The Changed Path

(please note I have moved my blog to www.thaisg.com. Eventually  I will stop posting on this server so if you would like to continue receiving posts via email, please go ahead and visit my new site and re-register (click here). Thanks for your understanding as I transition sites!)

 I was pretty disappointed when I received my LSAT score back. After months of intense studying, I was expecting something much higher than what the piece of paper in front of me was conveying. At that point in my life, three years ago, I was certain that law school was the path for me. Everyone told me I have exactly what it takes, who am I to question? Plus, going to law school was a much more enticing choice than graduating college with no plans. So when I received the score back, I was far beyond upset. I spent the day moping about it, then decided I was going to take a year off, work, and retake the test.

It was during that "year off" that I re-engaged with my yoga practice and fell HARD. Yoga opened up more doors for me than I can ever image and I finally feel as if I belong somewhere in the world. The year I found yoga, I found a sense of peace in my heart that has caressed my life in more ways than one. Once the relationship began, I could never see myself working in law. It dawned on me that I was going after law because of other's expectations of me and not because I genuinely enjoyed it. Now I finally have someone I am passionate about, there's no way I was going back to school.

Who knows if I would have found yoga if I did get the LSAT score I was expecting. The point is, I know for certain that if I did go to law school my life would not be where it is right now. And all things considered, my life is pretty awesome. Certainly better than when I felt like an outsider to my own life. I almost bless that wicked test score.

I repeated this story to my myself over and over again last night when I received news that I did not get a job I considered Perfect. I had high hopes for this gig. And last night, via email (as all bad news seem to come in these days) there it was. Sorry, we do not want you.

It hurt pretty bad. But then I thought of the story above. Which really helped bring things to perspective. Who knows why this opportunity was turned down for me. Who knows what is in store for me.

It's also nice to remember that rejection is normal. Struggle is normal. Life is hard! There is no denying that. Everyone I know has had it rough at some point. The question is not whether or not you will get rejected. If it hasn't yet, TRUST ME, it will. The question is how you proceed. You have no control of how others are going to treat you or whether they are going to see the light in your heart. But you can control how you react. How you choose to take rejections. THAT is the true judge of character.

My value is not determined by whether or not this company felt I was worth hiring. My light is still in my heart. It's still shining. And I have complete faith some company out there will see it. Until then, well, this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine.


14 May 2012

New Space!

I have been tweeting this past week about a new project I endeavored in and after a lot of hard work, I am ready to make the big announcement!

After careful consideration of how my online presence is perceived, I decided it was time for a shift. Which I guess makes sense considering how much change is going on in my life, with my transition to move to NYC and all. 

I am a registered yoga teacher and soon to be registered holistic health coach - I provide services that need their space too! 

So without further ado - I am proud to announce that I created a brand new website:

Go check it out! I transfered my blog over there too, just go to the Blog tabs and you will find all my posts tucked away there. (or click here). 

NOW here's where your participation is greatly appreciated. If you have signed up to receive my blog posts on THIS site via email, you need to re-register with my new site. Just click here and on the right you will see a place you can receive my posts. I sincerely appreciate you doing that for me. And for you too, you definitely don't want to miss my pearly words of wisdom =)

I will post the next few subsequent posts both here and on the new site just to make this transition even smoother.

Thanks for your support and love readers, I wouldn't be where I am without you!


10 May 2012

The Perfect Life

Lately I noticed I have been so busy focusing on the outcome of finding a job in NYC that I have not enjoyed the process. Granted, the process of job hunting in a new city is daunting to say the least. But there's been awesome things happening around me that I barely regard. It's as if I have tunnel vision and all I want is to get there already and have the Perfect Life. 

What I forget is that there is no such thing as the Perfect Life. No matter how much I envision the future, it's not going to be the true reality. We cannot predict our future. I should know that by now, I never thought in a million years I would be where I am today. 

When we live in the future, we tend to use techniques to numb our present. Have you noticed that? The future is so GLAMOROUS! You have this Perfect Life and when you look at your life right now, it simply does not compare. And then we get scared that we will never achieve this Perfect Life, so we numb ourselves. It may be different for each person; alcohol, food, drugs, TV, etc. 

There is a gap between the present and the future, and this gap leads to extreme unhappiness. We worry that our present will never lead to the future we so desperately want and failing is the worst possible outcome. And when you only focus on a specific outcome, you're right - failing is pretty scary. But when you look at day to day life, there really is no such thing as failing; there is only being. 

It's important to have a vision, goals, desires, and wants for a fantastic future. It's equally important to know when to shift that vision and be flexible with your path. It's a delicate play of fate and will. Do the best you can and the rest will follow. Open up to life and things will come when it's time. As my Buddhist teachings remind me - work hard but let go of expectations.

I will get an awesome job in NYC when the time comes. But life is happening right here too. And this life is so sweet! Do the work, but also smell the roses. Spring only comes once a year.

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