10 May 2012

The Perfect Life

Lately I noticed I have been so busy focusing on the outcome of finding a job in NYC that I have not enjoyed the process. Granted, the process of job hunting in a new city is daunting to say the least. But there's been awesome things happening around me that I barely regard. It's as if I have tunnel vision and all I want is to get there already and have the Perfect Life. 

What I forget is that there is no such thing as the Perfect Life. No matter how much I envision the future, it's not going to be the true reality. We cannot predict our future. I should know that by now, I never thought in a million years I would be where I am today. 

When we live in the future, we tend to use techniques to numb our present. Have you noticed that? The future is so GLAMOROUS! You have this Perfect Life and when you look at your life right now, it simply does not compare. And then we get scared that we will never achieve this Perfect Life, so we numb ourselves. It may be different for each person; alcohol, food, drugs, TV, etc. 

There is a gap between the present and the future, and this gap leads to extreme unhappiness. We worry that our present will never lead to the future we so desperately want and failing is the worst possible outcome. And when you only focus on a specific outcome, you're right - failing is pretty scary. But when you look at day to day life, there really is no such thing as failing; there is only being. 

It's important to have a vision, goals, desires, and wants for a fantastic future. It's equally important to know when to shift that vision and be flexible with your path. It's a delicate play of fate and will. Do the best you can and the rest will follow. Open up to life and things will come when it's time. As my Buddhist teachings remind me - work hard but let go of expectations.

I will get an awesome job in NYC when the time comes. But life is happening right here too. And this life is so sweet! Do the work, but also smell the roses. Spring only comes once a year.



  1. I forget to live in the present ALL THE TIME.

  2. Continually focusing on releasing the need for imperfection has helped me keep my sanity - and is a constant practice in awareness indeed. Great post T!


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